Alexander McCall Smith – Four Great Series (So Far!) Posted By : aylor Martinerin

Alexander McCall Smith writes four series, each Ford Prattville, alabama of them about very different subjects. One thing all of them have in common, is that all four of them are very well-crafted book series. The four series are: The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency Series, The Isabel Dalhousie Series, The Portuguese Irregular Verbs Series (aka the Professor Doctor Moritz-Maria von Igelfeld Trilogy), and The 44 Scotland Street Series.

Heraldry and Genealogy-Coat of Arms Rules Posted By : celtgrfe

Family history researchers should learn the rules of heraldry and the aspects of coat of arms use before assuming the use of such devices in their genealogy or family histories they may be working on. In the United States there is no official recognition of heraldic arms but in many other countries coat of arms are still officially used and recognized. Learn more how family history meets heraldry in this article.

A Brief History of King John of England Posted By : celtgrfe

King John of England is known by many as the app development companies character from the Robin Hood stories. We do not know if Robin Hood existed but we do know that King John had a colorful life full of all the intrigue, despair and arguments expected in an English kingdom. He was never to be the King but fate led him there and he ended up signing one of the most well known documents in history.